As a strategic advisor and consultant I work with teams to forge paths to meaningful change and outcomes. With over ten years experience across a wide range of industries, sized teams and challenges, I thrive in helping navigate ambiguity and align people towards a shared vision.
I can help advise, audit and co-create across the following:
  • Venture validation
  • Product vision and strategy
  • Metrics & analytics
  • Brand strategy and go-to-market
  • User experience and interface design
  • Investor pitch deck and delivery coaching
  • Org design and recruitment (inc. contractor and agency recommendations)
Working with a range of different teams across various scenarios, including:
  • Early “Napkin stage” founders seeking pathways to early venture validation.
  • Startups navigating a pivotal phase (investment raise, go-to-market, strategic pivot, team expansion) or simply seeking a fresh, external perspective.
  • Large corporate teams with a drive to move at a startup styled pace, whilst ensuring larger stakeholder alignment.
Each engagement is co-designed together to ensure the best outcome based on each unique circumstance. If you’d like to learn more, please email me at
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